Loss Control Services

The MADSIF Board of Trustees requires that an elite program be delivered. 100% relevant, necessary & collaborative.

MADSIF’s 13-member Dealer Board of Trustees directs the service providers. MADSIF spends around $250,000 annually on safety culture and loss prevention services for its 250+ Michigan Dealers Members.


Included with your workers compensation coverage:

Employee Training

training benefits

Safety training for all new and existing employees is provided.


Resources to prepare for MIOSHA visits & fine prevention are free of charge.

Educational Series

educational meetings

Monthly webinars, quarterly in-person trainings and one-on-one time.

FREE SDS Mobile App Customized for Dealers

miosha app

FREE Hazardous Material Certification

FREE Hazardous Material Certification

FREE Evacuation Training Maps

FREE Evacuation Training Maps

FREE Fit Testing for employees using respirators for spraying

free respirator fitting

FREE Forklift Training, which also includes the certification

forklift training and certification

The little things: like sticker reminders!

free stickers

All 12 Safety Warning Signs, as required by MIOSHA, are provided to each location- FREE of CHARGE

not an exit

danger flammable

flammable wide

keep clear

danger flammable sign

pictograms sign

keep door closed

safety glasses required sign

oxygen cylinders safety sign

eye wash area sign

electrical panel warning sign

no smoking caution sign