Top 5 Reasons to Join MADSIF


The Carrier Is Not Running The Show

13 Michigan Dealer Board of Trustees started MADSIF in the early 1990s. They direct the service teams to keep costs at a minimum and surplus returns at a maximum.


Our Members See MADSIF As An Investment

25-40% in cash surplus has been returned to our 250+ MADSIF members year after year. We don't have shareholders. Surplus is invested and given back.
Read about our current members' performance.


Our Members Receive Free Loss Control Services

Higher loss control standards lead to fewer injuries. Lower claims costs lead to higher returns. Dealer-specific loss prevention is provided at minimal cost.
See cost savings specifics.


Our Members Want Their Work Injuries Managed; Not Processed

Our claims process allows member input to steer the claim in the right direction, away from litigation. Lower claims costs lead to higher returns.
See a real-life example of the cost savings using MADSIF.


Our Members Are Part Of An Elite Group; Not Multi-Industry

We limit MADSIF membership to Michigan Auto Dealers with like-minded goals. This allows for predictability and the ability to manage one common exposure. MADSIF is a peer group, resulting in 99% annual retention!