Become a Member of MADSIF

Becoming a member of MADSIF is easy. If your dealership is eligible for our program (see the eligibility requirements below) simply contact us to get the ball rolling.

Is your dealership eligible?

Your company is eligible if it meets this criteria:

A licensed and franchised motor vehicle dealer in the State of Michigan


Engaged in services related to the auto dealer industry and at least 51% owned by a licensed and franchised auto dealership;

  • Car Leasing
  • Auto Body or Mechanical Repair
  • Used Car Sales


A former MADSIF member, who has become a class B licensed used vehicle dealer, only IF due to losing its franchise to the bankruptcy restructuring of their manufacturer.


An employee leasing company where all leased employees are employed by the dealership.


A member in good standing with MADSIF’s sponsoring association, Michigan Auto Dealers Association (MADA)